"I learned that it is very difficult for me to break up suits or combinations that I am used to wearing, which really limits the amount of outfits I can wear. With Heather, we came up with new ways of wearing my clothes that I would never have thought of on my own. I have a white-on-white patterned top that I love and got on sale, but never wore because I couldn't figure out how to wear it. Heather helped me find a lot of ways to incorporate the top into my wardrobe . I've worn it three times since our session and every time I receive compliments. Before the session, I hated shopping, didn't feel fashionable, and had a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Now I enjoy planning what to wear and picking up items for my wardrobe. It makes shopping purposeful and fun." --Wendy, Glen Ellyn


"Heather was most helpful in recognizing and curbing my impulse buying. Now I look for specific pieces to round out and develop a flexible wardrobe. It saves time shopping when you know what you need. I maximize the quality of the imprtant basics and save $$ on the fun fashion and have a clear idea of the difference. The session was a good economics lesson to really get use out of my clothes instead of keeping all that money on hangers in my closet. With the cost of fine clothing, Heather is like a financial advisor--your closet is a portfolio that has to make sense!"--Mickie, Chicago


"I have only the clothes that fit my style now in my closet and it makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning and look really good. I have half the clothes, but I feel that I have twice the outfits that look twice as good! I am shopping better also because I have a clear idea of how to get the style I want. I can't believe that I was hanging on to some of those old clothes for so long! I actually feel better when I look in my closet now."--Marian, Elburn, IL


"I had a lot of clothes with tags still on them that I knew were nice; however I was not quite sure how to pull them off. I really appreciated all your help with matching the clothes that I already had as well as giving me tips on my future shopping trips. I have really noticed a difference in my style and manner of dress since you helped with the closet consultation. In regards to your tips with shopping, they really have been helpful. I never realized how many similar items I had in my closet until we went through all of them together. I notice that I always pick up the same items and same colors, and I have tried to think through the items I already own rather than just buying at whim. I think my favorite new item that you suggested is a pair of black flats with polka dots that manage to add a little fun to all different types of outfits. Thanks a ton!" --Kate, Chicago


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