Closet Consultations

Got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Heather will go through your entire wardrobe to identify the pieces that work for you and those that don't. Choose a service according to your needs.

NEW: Mini Closet Edit. This is a compact, budget-minded version of the two-hour Closet Edit described below. Heather will send you a list of questions to be sent back before the session and assign some (easy) homework. At your house, Heather will take a tour through your closet and identify your most pressing issues and how you can address them. She’ll get you moving toward refining your personal style and developing an action plan. Be ready to take notes! Just $150. (Note: The fee is a little higher if you live outside the city or nearby suburbs.)

Closet Edit. This is a discussion of your current wardrobe situation followed by a vetting of your closet. You won't try on everything, but be prepared to put on a few items to see how they fit. Plan on about two hours. Features of this service include:

  • discussion and analysis of your tastes, lifestyle, and personal wardrobe challenges
  • guidance on what to keep and what to toss
  • insight on the best colors and styles for you (based on complexion, body shape, age, and lifestyle)
  • a detailed shopping list of the specific pieces you need to pull your wardrobe together and create total looks
  • a written summary of Heather's findings and advice for future reference

Closet Edit plus Mix and Match. This includes the same thorough vetting of your wardrobe described above, but Heather will also create new outfits with what you have left—including shoes and accessories. This is helpful if you think you can get more out of your existing wardrobe but aren't sure how. Plan on three to four hours. Takeaways include:

  • digital photos of your new outfits for your own personal "lookbook"
  • at least ten and up to fifty new ensembles
  • a new understanding of possible color, pattern, and texture combinations

Shopping Guidance

If you get overwhelmed easily while shopping, feel like you buy the same things over and over again, or just don't know what you should get, Heather will come with you and help you through the process. Appointments are by the half day (about three hours) and the full day (about six and a half hours including a break for lunch).

  • Learn about "defensive shopping"
  • Discover new stores and brands
  • Try on new and exciting styles
  • Find clothes that you'll feel gorgeous in--we promise!


Follow Up Care and Wardrobe Therapy

Would you try to save a relationship with just one counseling session? Probably not. Transforming a wardrobe is a process. Heather will return to your home for succinct hour-long sessions on a temporary, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Incorporate new items into your wardrobe by mixing and matching
  • Build your personal style
  • Refine your shopping list


Personal Shopping

The ultimate luxury! After getting to know you and your style with a closet consultation and a shopping session together, Heather can do your shopping for you, bringing items to your home or office for your approval. Monthly or seasonal retainer service is also available.

  • Save time for other important areas in your life
  • Try on items in the comfort of your own home
  • See how clothes and accessories work with what you already own


One client's testimonial:

"Heather left me armed for the most important (and at the same time daunting) task of 'bringing it all together.' A little over 24 hours after our session commenced, I had not only a laundry list of pieces to look for when shopping but actual pictures of what she thought would work with my style and existing wardrobe. You can't ask for much more than that!"--Camille, Fox River Grove

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Seminars and Presentations
Heather can speak to your company or group on style-related topics such as defensive shopping, seasonal trends, dressing creatively yet appropriately for the workplace, and professional attire for recent college graduates. Past clients include Wachovia Securities, Joseph Michael Salon and the North Shore Professional Women's Association.

"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation at our women's networking event. Your presentation--combining humor, anecdotes, wisdom, and years of experience--was a pleasure to observe. The attendees are still raving about your presentation and are grateful to have been given the opportunity to hear from an expert in the field." --Barry Killian, Wachovia Securities








With over ten years of experience covering fashion and shopping in Chicago, Heather is an undisputed expert on the best boutiques in the city. As your personal guide, she will devise a tour for you based on the types of styles you prefer and with an eye to your budget. Let Heather do all the work and make your shopping excursion an event to remember!

Do you want to visit stores that feature clothes and accessories by local and/or independent, up-and-coming designers? How about boutiques that are known for their fashion-forward, edgy designs? Heather knows which shops cater to the woman looking for something different. Chicago is also home to many upscale shops offering chic, classic styles for those who prefer a more elegant look. Only want the best of the best? Heather knows all the luxury boutiques at the very top end of the market. Or you might elect to take a broad view and visit a few of each.

Heather will personally pick you up and drop you off at your Chicago hotel or other meeting point in the city. For larger groups, she can arrange for a chauffered car or limousine. It's a great idea for girls' weekends or special occasions, as well as a welcome gift for wives and girlfriends.

Read some reactions from happy clients:

"I had a great time and really enjoyed visiting such unique and fun shops. Definitely worth every penny."--Jane Kiel, Champaign, IL

"Thank you for putting the day together. Karen really enjoyed it and her friends have been calling with compliments. Best wishes for continued success."--Matt Fiascone, Hinsdale, IL

"Can't wait to put on everything again. Thanks so much!"--Madina, London, England





Vacation Wardrobe Planning
With her extensive travel experience, Heather is an expert in dressing to blend in with the locals. She'll help you pack for your vacation to avoid the "Ugly American" look and still have plenty of room for souvenirs.





What's next?
Contact Heather via email or call her at 773-898-3131 for more information about services and rates.